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Mobile / Network, Home Appliances / Industrial Systems / Digital Household Appliances, Audio Visual, Automotive, エネルギー, Medical / Healthcare

This page introduce a suitable device or solution for your application.


Communication module, Bluetooth® low energy LSI, UV sensor, Voice CODEC etc.

Home Appliances

Noise resistance, motor control, speech output, IH control PWM built-in, microcontroller, speech synthesis LSI, display driver etc.

Audio Visual

Amp DAC, Video encoder, Audio CODEC, SDRAM, Communication module, Display driver etc.

Medical & Healthcare

Ultra low power microcontroller, SDRAM, Bluetooth® low energy Sub-GHz 802.15.4 LSIDisplay driver etc.


Digital terrestrial broadcasting reception LSI, Video decoder/encoder, Display controller, DRAM, Speech Synthesis LSI etc.


Communication module, Wi-SUN Zigbee Sub-GHz band radio LSI, Microcontroller, Display driver, Li-ion battery monitoring LSI etc.

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