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Microcomputer 3-pin REG LDO Reset IC EEPROM Motor for Cleaning Wireless communication module Reset IC Voice Synthesis LSI Capacitive Sensor EEPROM Reset IC
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Products Description
ML610Q400 series
LAPIS Technology's high performance CMOS 8 bit microcontrollers realize low power consumption according to flash memory that operates with only 1.1V by using an unique low power technology, fine power management function, and highly effective RISC type CPU.
3-pin REG
3-pin Regulators (78 Series)
ROHM's 3-terminal 78 series regulators feature high reliability and are available in a number of different configurations.
LDO Regulators (Low Saturation Type)
ROHM's standard LDO regulators are optimized for a variety of applications, such as car stereos and TVs
Reset IC
Voltage Detector IC Series
ROHM reset ICs (voltage detectors) feature ±1% detection voltage accuracy, low power consumption, a thin, compact package, and are available in a wide range of voltages.
ROHM's lineup of non-volatile serial EEPROMs, optimized for data retention, are available in a wide range of capacities, bus interfaces, and package types.
Motor for Cleaning
DC Brushless Motor Driver Series for Cooling Fans
In addition to high current capacity and silent operation, ROHM's motor drivers for brushless DC cooling fans feature low ON-resistance for greater airflow capability.
Wireless communication module
Wireless Communication Module : MK72220-01/MK72660-01
LAPIS Technology's 2.4GHz wireless communication module integrates the elements in the module to realize wireless communication simply.
Voice Synthesis LSI
Speech Synthesis LSI : ML2282□ series
LAPIS Technology's high-quality speech synthesis LSI with built-in large-capacity P2ROM™ includes an ADPCM2 decoder, 16-bit DAC, a low-pass filter, and a monaural speaker amplifier. It incorporates the peripheral components necessary for speech output in a single chip.
Voice Synthesis LSI
Speech Synthesis LSI : ML2272□ series
LAPIS Technology's speech synthesis LSI with speech speed/pitches conversion function enables slow speech playback without changing the pitch and to raise or lower the pitch without changing the speed. It realizes the voice guidance that can be easily understood by the elderly.
Capacitive Sensor
Capacitive Sensor Control IC Series
ROHM's electrostatic sensor control ICs integrate sensor data processing and application functions that reduce the load on the CPU.

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