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Lens Motor Driver Shake Corrective Controller System Power Supply Positive/Negative System Power Supply STRB Video Encoder Video Driver Disc/Tape Motor Driver CMOS LDO Operational Amp/Comparator Hall IC EEPROM Capacitive Sensor Clock Generator PM SM MSDL LED Driver LCD Driver Panel Power Supply LCD Controller
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Products Description
Lens Motor Driver
System Lens Drivers for Digital
Cameras/Single-lens Reflex Cameras
ROHM's system lens drivers for digital still and video cameras are optimized for a variety of lenses, including SLR types.
System Power Supply /
Positive/Negative System Power Supply /
STRB Charge
For Digital Still Cameras and
Digital Video Cameras Regulator IC Series
ROHM's lineup of power supplies for digital still and video cameras include both controller types and units with internal FET.
Audio Codec
Audio Interface IC Series for Digital Still Cameras / Digital Video Cameras
ROHM's audio interface ICs integrate mic, speaker,and headphone amps on a single chip and are optimized for applications requiring playback and recording functionality.
Video encoder
Digital Video Encoder : ML86V7655
LAPIS Technology's digital video encoder for the NTSC/PAL format converts the digital image data such as ITU-R BT.656 and ITU-R BT.601 into the analog video signal.
Video Driver
Compact Video Driver Seies for DSCs and Portable Devices
ROHM's compact chip-sized video drivers,featuring low voltage operation, were developed for mobile phones and digital cameras.
Disc/Tape Motor Driver
System Motor Drivers for CD/DVD Players
ROHM's system motor drivers for CD/DVD players are available with linear or PWM drive in a range of package types, from compact to units equipped with a heat sink, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.
CMOS LDO Regulators
ROHM’s low dropout regulators for portable electronics utilize proprietary CMOS processes, resulting in ultra-low consumption and high precision. A broad lineup of regulators with input/output voltage difference is available, optimized for a variety of compact devices, including mobile phones, portable audio players, and digital cameras.
Operational Amp/Comparator
Operational Amplifiers / Comparators
ROHM offers a full lineup of op-amps and comparators, including bipolar, CMOS, ground sense (single power supply), dual supply, high voltage resistance, low noise, low saturation, low current consumption, and input/output full swing types.
Hall IC
Hall IC Series
ROHM's Hall ICs for magnetic switches were developed for applications requiring open/close or slide detection.
ROHM's lineup of non-volatile serial EEPROMs, optimized for data retention, are available in a wide range of capacities, bus interfaces, and package types.
Clock Generator
Clock Generators
ROHM's clock generators make it possible to generate the audio, video and system clocks required by digital devices utilizing proprietary PLL technology.
For PCs and Digital Consumer Products
ROHM's power management switch ICs for PCs and consumer electronic equipment integrates a low ON-resistance MOSFET switch and multiple protection circuits on a single chip.
LED Driver
LED Drivers for LCD Backlights
ROHM's lineup of LED drivers for LCD backlights include standard and high power types as well as units enabling brightness adjustment,ensuring compatibility with a wide range of compact LCD panels.
LCD controller
LCD Controller : ML86V8207
LAPIS Technology's video decoder LCD controller is for small color TFT converting QVGA images into WVGA or XGA.

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