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USB I/F MP3,AAC,WMA,DEC DRAM Audio SW Audio Delay IC(Lip-sync) ASP Audio Amp HP Amp LDO Switching Reg Reset Disk Driver EEPROM EEPROM Reset LCDC Wireless Communication Module OELD Driver
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Products Description
For PCs and Digital Consumer Products
ROHM's power management switch ICs for PCs and consumer electronic equipment integrates a low ON-resistance MOSFET switch and multiple protection circuits on a single chip.
USB Host Audio Decoder ICs
ROHM's USB host Audio decoder ICs integrate a USB host Audio decoder, file system, and system controller into a single chip.
LAPIS Technology has been providing high quality memory products on a long-term stable basis
Audio SW
For DVD Recorders
Video Audio Interface
ROHM's video / audio interface series for TV / DVD recorders are ICs that perform video signal processing and audio signal processing.
3.3V Power Supply DRAM : MSM51V17405J
LAPIS Technology's 16M Fast Page Mode DRAM with EDO function is composed of 4M words × 4 bits and operates at 3.3V power supply.
Sound Processors for Portable/
Mini-component Stereo Systems
ROHM's sound processors for portable and mini-component stereo systems utilize BiCMOS processes for high fidelity audio and low power consumption, making them ideal for all types of audio devices.
Audio Amp
High Performance Class D Speaker Amplifiers
ROHM's speaker/headphone amps are ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring audio output, from portable products to TVs.
HP Amo
Speaker Amplifier / Headphone Amplifier Series
LDO Regulators
ROHM's standard LDO regulators are optimized for a variety of applications, such as car stereos and TVs
Switching Reg
Switching Regulators:
Single-chip Type with built-in FET
ROHM's switching regulators with integrated MOSFET feature high frequency operation and high efficiency, contributing to greater compactness and energy savings.
Voltage Detector IC Seriess
ROHM reset ICs (voltage detectors) feature ±1% detection voltage accuracy, low power consumption, a thin, compact package, and are available in a wide range of voltages.
Disk Driver
System Motor Drivers for CD/DVD Players
ROHM's system motor drivers for CD/DVD players are available with linear or PWM drive in a range of package types, from compact to units equipped with a heat sink, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.
ROHM's lineup of non-volatile serial EEPROMs, optimized for data retention, are available in a wide range of capacities, bus interfaces, and package types.
LCD Controller : ML86V8207
LAPIS Technology's video decoder LCD controller is for small color TFT converting QVGA images into WVGA or XGA.
OELD driver
Organic EL Driver : ML9353A
LAPIS Technology's Organic EL display driver can obtain high brightness and high contrast, installs the current drive circuit with a low rose, and achieves a little display of irregularity.

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