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Portable Audio

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Products Description
FM Transmitter
Wireless Audio Link ICs
ROHM's wireless audio link ICs transmit music (i.e. CDs) via FM waves to an FM tuner, enabling high-quality playback.
Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN Module
ROHM's Wireless LAN system IC can easily construct Wireless LAN system by combining with RF IC. They install the baseband processor and the media access controller of conforming with IEEE802.11a/b/g standard, most of Wireless LAN stndard conforming part is processed.
LED Driver
LED Driver Series for LCD Backlight
ROHM's lineup of LED drivers for LCD backlights include standard and high power types as well as units enabling brightness adjustment,ensuring compatibility with a wide range of compact LCD panels.
Light Sensor
ROHM's lineup of light sensor ICs include digital output types and analog output types resistant to light sources.
CMOS LDO Regulators
for Portable Devices
ROHM’s low dropout regulators for portable electronics utilize proprietary CMOS processes, resulting in ultra-low consumption and high precision. A broad lineup of regulators with input/output voltage difference is available, optimized for a variety of compact devices, including mobile phones, portable audio players, and digital cameras.
Up/Down DC/DC Converter
Single-chip Type with built-in FET
Switching Regulators
ROHM's switching regulators with integrated MOSFET feature high frequency operation and high efficiency, contributing to greater compactness and energy savings.
ROHM's lineup of non-volatile serial EEPROMs, optimized for data retention, are available in a wide range of capacities, bus interfaces, and package types.
OP Amp / Comparator
Operational Amplifiers / Comparators
ROHM offers a full lineup of op-amps and comparators, including bipolar, CMOS, ground sense (single power supply), dual supply, high voltage resistance, low noise, low saturation, low current consumption, and input/output full swing types.
Logic IC
General-purpose Logic ICs
ROHM offers a comprehensive lineup of general purpose logic ICs for high voltage CMOS and single gate CMOS applications.

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