Production and Quality Control Structure

Company Mission

Quality is our top priority at all times.

Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of our culture through a consistent supply,
under all circumstances, of high quality products in large volumes to the global market.

Basic Quality Assurance Policy

  • Promote internal standardization for the whole company and establish structures for QC management by data.
  • Conduct comprehensive and continuous research for the development of new technologies and products.
  • Proactively utilize methods of statistical control for all areas of company activities.
  • Establish quality assurance structures for all manufacturing processes.
  • Exert effort for cost reductions of each product by continual modernization of manufacturing systems.
  • Secure quality assurance programs of raw materials and components with our suppliers through contracts.

Certification of quality ISO9001/IATF16949

LAPIS Technology obtained ISO9001 certificate which is an international quality standard and IATF16949 certificate which is specific to the automotive industry as the remote supporting functions of LAPIS Semiconductor Miyazaki Plant and Miyagi Plant.
LAPIS Technology is pursuing a development of the product which secured the high reliability and the stability of quality with which a customer can be satisfied.

The measure for earth environment

Environmental strategy

LAPIS Technology's everlasting conscientiousness to preserve the global environment contributes to the healthy existence of humanity and to the continued prosperity of the company.

  • Conserve energy by initiating innovative methods in all corporate activities.
  • Develop environmentally-conscious products that minimize the environmental burden by employing responsible processes throughout the life cycle of each product.
  • Give priority to the procurement of materials and products that have the least levels of adverse impact on the environment.
  • Promote effective utilization of resources and strive for the prevention of pollution and conservation of biodiversity toward the realization of a sustainable society.
  • Comply with international and national environmental laws and regional agreements and other customer requirements to which we have agreed.
  • Endeavor to train employees and encourage our constituents to actively care for their surroundings and the global environment.
  • Develop positive relationships with the community through contributions to the local environment and the proper disclosure of environmental data.
  • Continuously improve subjects by creating and carrying out the environmental objectives, and their action plans to enhance environmental performance.


LAPIS Technology plans to rebuild the system from October, make a self-declaration in the beginning of FY2021, and obtain external certification in the fall of FY2021.

In addition, since LSI achieves a contribution greatly to energy saving and saving resources at the time of use, in order to expand this characteristic further, LAPIS Technology has adopted the mechanism of considering environment at the time of a new product design.

For example, LAPIS Technology greatly aims to contribute to mobile computing devices, such as portable cellular phones with much constraint in power source or size, by promoting the WCSP technology of realizing micro-size and weight saving compared with former type semiconductor packages.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety policy

In accordance with the CSR policy, ROHM Group consider safety and health the top priority in our business activities, thereby proactively work to comfortable work environment without worries as well as preserve and promote our physical and mental health.

  • We comply with health and safety laws and their related regulations, other requirements, and our company's rules.
  • We prevent occupational accidents by implementing managerial measures based on the identification of hazard sources in our workplace and their severity via risk assessment.
  • We pursue highly-ranked awareness by systematic education, training, and other things concerning health and safety. Additionally we strive to prevent injuries, physical and mental illnesses by promoting the creation of a comfortable workplace through energized, voluntary activities.
  • We design and operate the occupational health and safety management system through consultation with our workers and their involvement in decision-making.
  • We carry out continuous improvement activities with full participation by setting the health and safety objectives and the action plan that are supported with adequate resources.

Occupational Health & Safety activity

LAPIS Technology plans to rebuild the system from October, make a self-declaration in the beginning of FY2021, and obtain external certification in the fall of FY2021.