LSI / Module Product List


Wireless LSI
Pioneering IoT with semiconductor products complying with various radio standards

Wireless LSI is a semiconductor of great importance for IoT (Internet of Things) where everything is connected. The necessity to collect data from a multitude of sensors and goods has presented a need for low power consumption wireless communication semiconductors such as coin batteries featuring long durability.
As one of the few Japanese manufacturers offering various semiconductors complying with low power consumption radio standards such as LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), Sub-GHz, Bluetooth® low energy, etc., we are providing every support for our customers.

* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. in the U.S.

Low power consumption and diverse product variations

Control systems are conveniently built with microcontrollers where functions including operation circuits, memory, peripheral circuit, input, and output, etc., which are necessary for the control of electronic devices are integrated into one.
From early product series used in wristwatches, LAPIS Technology's microcontroller products have been ever developing with low power consumption as a key feature. Leading the industry in achieving low power consumption performance at all times, we actively contribute to greater miniaturization and energy savings of electronic devices. Moreover, we are pursuing product diversification by expanding peripheral features, such as liquid crystal drivers and voice playback to memory capacity and packaging.

Display Driver
Applied in various displays from TV/smartphone to in-vehicle devices

Our products are used in a wide variety of displays from TV and smartphone to devices for automotive applications.
Displays around us such as TVs, smartphones, and large-size monitors at train stations or on the streets, together with liquid crystal, organic light emitting diode (OLED), and LED, among others, constitute an impressive diversity.
To show texts and information on these displays, specialized display drivers are necessary. LAPIS Technology offers a display driver lineup with optimized driving method according to the type of display, which is widely adopted by large TV sets, PC monitors, in-vehicle displays, industrial monitors, etc.

Video LSI
Quality is nurtured through an abundant track record of adoption.

With the analog/digital mixed signal technology of LAPIS Technology based on high reliability and various high-quality image processing technologies cultivated by a wealth of experience in automotive image LSI market, we are dedicated to developing products that meet customers' requirements and enable system optimization.

Speech Synthesis LSI
Speech solutions with an excellent track record of application

With in-built necessary components such as speaker amplifier, memory and crystal unit, LAPIS Technology's speech synthesis LSI enables speech playback by simply connecting to a speaker and sending commands. Our full range of products include those designed for consumer electronics and industrial machines of which speech function is necessary for customers to choose from, such as home appliances, alarm products, health devices, elevator, etc. based on the desired use and playtime, as well as for automotive applications featuring speech playback function such as advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) notices and alerts, various operation sounds, acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS), etc. We offer products and support meeting customers' expectation of "user-friendly voice playback".

Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI
Making lithium-ion batteries safe and user-friendly

LAPIS Technology's lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI has developed a solution that enables efficient and, most importantly, safe and easy use of lithium-ion secondary batteries.

Wireless charging LSI
Setting the record for the world's smallest packaging size

One of the world's smallest of its kind, LAPIS Technology's 13.56MHz wireless charging LSI is the optimal wireless charging solution for compact-size electronic devices with which a charger cannot be conveniently equipped due to limited installation space. Requiring no power connector when charging, wireless charging enables enhanced water- and dust-proof performance with its enclosed housing, promising significant improvement in anti-shock safety when charging or perspiring.