Business Areas of LAPIS Technology

Semiconductors indispensable to social development

Electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and home appliances bring convenience to our everyday life. With IoT and xEV moving towards autonomous driving and electrification, semiconductors are effectively used in a multitude of areas and hence constitute an indispensable part of our society. In modern times, electronic devices are evolving towards smaller size, lighter weight and lower power consumption, hence requiring further miniaturization and enhanced added value of LSI. Developing LSI products serving diverse purposes and meeting various needs has become our key mission.

LAPIS Technology's Semiconductor Business

With the history of LAPIS Technology's predecessor counted as well, we have been dedicated to semiconductor product development for over 60 years. By bringing together and accumulating a richly diversified pool of technologies necessary for the society while responding to customers' needs, we steadily pursue technological advancement and hence bring our core technologies to perfection as they represent our core strength and a legacy to thrive across generations. By building various applications from these technologies, we shall renew our commitment in support of the society. The history of LAPIS Technology is a history of developing LSI products jointly with our customers. Pursuing the mission of realizing added value for customers, we never cease to create new products in new markets.

Focus areas 1
Automotive LSI supports the development of the auto industr

Summarized by the word "CASE"*, the next-generation auto industry is ushered into a once-in-a-centennial transformation.
The application of LAPIS Technology's various in-vehicle LSI expands from image LSI with image signal processing function used in an ever-increasing family of products such as in-vehicle display and electronic mirror to automotive microcontroller, speech synthesis LSI, battery monitoring LSI, etc.
* Connected (internet connection function), Autonomous (autonomous driving), Shared & Service (car-sharing), Electric (electrification).

Focus areas 2
Enhancing the efficiency of the fast-growing logistics market

With small-lot delivery increasingly popular thanks to the rapid expansion of the e-commerce market, the logistics industry is facing social challenges such as undersupplied workforce and the need to reduce overtime.
LAPIS Technology's wireless technologies such as LPWA and RFID are expected to inspire new possibilities in addressing these challenges.
Through cargo tracking over long transport distances, and digitalization of several items or liquid/powder quantities inside containers or cartons whose contents are invisible, we help to improve the accuracy of logistics management and facilitate efficiency and optimization of inventory management.

Focus areas 3
Consumer electronics shaping a better life for all

Consumer electronics is diversifying every day while constantly featuring emerging new demands. With home entertainment at the center of the spotlight, new technologies known as AR/VR are in the picture.
LAPIS Technology's display driver and image LSI are applied in devices such as game panels and high definition displays, contributing to entertainment and amusement where delight and diversity are bridged.