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ML610Q400 / ML610400 lineup

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ML610Q4xx / ML6104xx System Block Diagram
  • The ML610Q4xx of high-performance CMOS microcontrollers integrate LAPIS Technology's original 8bit U8 Core CPU, enabling high efficiency instruction execution (1 instruction/clock) through parallel processing based on a 3-stage pipeline architecture. The clock generator circuit uses a dual clock configuration and features both low-speed mode and low power mode operation.

  • The ML610Q4xx, which has proven popular in the portable battery-driven and handheld device markets, leverages proprietary low-power technology and incorporates Flash memory capable of operation at only 1V along with optimized power management functions and a high efficiency RISC CPU to minimize power consumption. In addition, a built-in LCD driver, 2 ADC circuits, on-chip debugger function, and other peripheral circuits make these MCUs ideal for portable LCD-equipped devices such as smart watches, activity/heart rate monitors, and thermostats.
    Furthermore, rewritable Flash memory shortens development and production times, while low current consumption and multiple peripheral functions help to reduce size and weight.
    Also, an expanded temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) enables suitability with industrial equipment such as data loggers used for temperature processing for food and other products.

The ML610Q4xx key features.
Ultra Low Operating Voltage , and Ultra Low Power

ML610Q4xx / ML6104xx Ultra Low Operating Voltage , and Ultra Low PowerML610Q4xx / ML6104xx Ultra Low Operating Voltage , and Ultra Low Power

Single-battery drive with remarkably low current consumption

Lineup matrix

Non-Built-in an LCD Driver Standard type
Built-in an LCD Driver Segment type
Built-in an LCD Driver Dot matrix type


Features 1Ultra Low Power

  • Ultra low power, on-chip 1V operative Flash memory & Sleep(Halt) current 0.5μA Popular for the battery-driven hand-held type applications and a variegated field!

Features 2High performance CPU"U8 Core"

  • Original RISC CPU achieved one-instruction one cycle by 3-stage pipelined architecture.

Features 3LCD driver + various peripheral functions

  • In addition to dot matrix and segment type LCD drivers, RC oscillation type A/D converter ideal for temperature /humidity measurement, Successive Approximation-type A/D converter ideal for voltage output sensors, Real Time Clock, Battery Level Detect, 16bit PWM ideal for backlight dimming, Melody output, etc. are built in.

Features 4Cost-effective, lightweight, compact debugging emulator

  • On-chip Emulator uEASE This compact, cost-saving emulator supports onboard debugging and writing to Flash memory by utilizing on-chip debugging functions when connected to the actual device.


The ML610Q400 are ideal for electronic wristwatches, clocks, pedometers, heart rate monitors, thermostats, data loggers and etc.

The ML610Q400 is ideal for small dry cell battery-powered devices with LCD display functions such as watches, clocks, pedometers, heart rate monitors, and thermostats.

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