Date : Sep. 30,2015

16bit Low Power MCU, USB & Security 32bit MCU


This LSI family is a high-performance 16-bit CMOS microcontroller into which rich peripheral circuits, such as synchronous serial port, UART, I2C bus interface (master), supply voltage level detect circuit, RC oscillation type A/D converter, and successive approximation type A/D converter are incorporated around 16-bit CPU nX-U16/100.
The CPU nX-U16/100 is capable of efficient instruction execution in 1-instruction 1-clock mode by 3-stage pipe line architecture parallel processing. The Flash ROM that is installed as program memory achieves low-voltage low-power consumption operation (read operation) is most suitable for battery-driven applications. And, this LSI has a data flash-memory fill area by a software which can be written in.
The on-chip debug function that is installed enables program debugging and programming.

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Operating voltage(V) 1.8 to 5.5
Operating Frequency(Max.) Low speed:32.768kHz /(Internal RC oscillation/ /Crystal oscillation/ E, High speed:16MHz//(Internal RC oscillation/ /Crystal oscillation/ Extern
Min. Exec time 62.5 ns/30.5μs
Current consumption(Typ.@HALT) 0.45μA/(Crystal oscillation)
Operating Temperature(°C) −40 to +85
ROM type Flash
ROM capacity (Byte) 64K
DataFlash capacity (Byte) 2K
RAM capacity (Byte) 6K
Input 2
InputOutput 36
16bit timer 8 /(16bit×4)
16bit MultiFunctions Timer 4
ADC 24bit×2 (RC type)/12bit×12 (SA type)
I2C Master/ ×2
Voltage detection VLS×1/LLD×1
LCD driver
External interrupt 8
Remarks Low speed frequency correction/Analog comparator×2/Melody : Buzzer


Chip support 〇(48Pin)
Halogen Free Support Yes
Indutrial Grade Yes
ML620Q503H/Q504H Datasheet
Contents Version Date Download
ML620Q503H/Q504H Datasheet 2 2020/05/20
ML620Q503H/Q504H User's Manual
Contents Version Date Download
ML620Q503H/Q504H User's Manual 2 2020/05/20
ML620Q504H Reference Board User’s Manual
Contents Version Date Download
ML620Q504H Reference Board User’s Manual 1 2015/08/31
LAPIS Technology Errata ML620Q500H Series
Contents Version Date Download
ML620Q503H/ML620Q504H Errata 2 2015/10/16
Implementation specifications
Package code Contents Download
P-TQFP48-0707-0.50-ZK6 Outline and Dimension, Recommended Reflow Conditions, Shipment Package Specification, Mounting area for package lead soldering to PC boards, Marking Layout
Environmental data
Package code Contents Download
P-TQFP48-0707-0.50-ZK6 RoHS Certificate of Compliance, Reach Certificate of Compliance, List of ingredient substances, SOC Analysis Report
No Entry
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