Date : 2018/4/9

Battery Management


Overvoltage detection
Open-wire detection
Alarm output
Sleep function
Quick test mode

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Type Stand alone type
Description 5-cells, 2nd protection
Supply Voltage(V)(V) +5 to +25
Overvoltage Detection Accuracy(Typ)(mV)(Typ.)(mV) ±25
Monitoring Output
Charge/Discharge Control FET driver
Cell Balancing Switch
Current Consumption (Operating)(Typ)(µA)(Typ.)(µA) 1
Current Consumption (Power-down)(Typ)(µA)(Typ.)(µA) 0.1
Overvoltage/Undervoltage Detection Overvoltage detection
Charge and Discharge Over-Current Detection No
Temperature Detection No
Short Circuit Detection No
Open Wire Detection Yes
Parameter Change Mask option
Operating Temperature(°C) -20 to +85
Package P-WSON10-0303-0.50-63
Halogen Free Support Yes
Battery monitoring datasheet
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Battery monitoring datasheet

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ML5241 White paper
Contents Version Date Download
ML5241 White paper 3 2018/04/11
Implementation specifications
Package code Contents Download
P-WSON10-0303-0.50-63 Outline and Dimension, Recommended Reflow Conditions, Shipment Package Specification, Mounting area for package lead soldering to PC boards, Marking Layout
Environmental data
Package code Contents Download
P-WSON10-0303-0.50-63 RoHS Certificate of Compliance, Reach Certificate of Compliance, List of ingredient substances, SOC Analysis Report

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