Date : 2017/8/1

Wireless communication module


MK71050-03 is a Bluetooth® low energy (here in after LE) wireless module which is integrating ML7105C-001Bluetooth LE SoC, E2PROM, 26MHz crystal oscillator, 2.4GHz PCB pattern antenna and passive components.
It has Bluetooth® LE compliant 2.4GHz band radio communication capability.
MK71050-03 is suitable for applications such as Healthcare device, Remote Controller or PC peripherals.

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Suppored Standard Ver4.1(Single mode)QDID: 77987 (End Product)
CPU core -
Supply voltage(V) 2.0 to 3.6
Control I/F UART
Module specification Role: Slave only
Serial communication
Certification TELEC/FCC/IC/CE
Operating temperature(°C) −20 to +75
Package M-FLGA33-8.0X11.0-0.65-9Y
Implementation specifications
Package code Contents Download
M-FLGA33-8.0X11.0-0.65-9Y Outline and Dimension, Recommended Reflow Conditions, Shipment Package Specification, Mounting area for package lead soldering to PC boards, Marking Layout
Environmental data
Package code Contents Download
M-FLGA33-8.0X11.0-0.65-9Y RoHS Certificate of Compliance, Reach Certificate of Compliance, List of ingredient substances, SOC Analysis Report
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